Pouch battery classification machine
HYNN battery level grading machine automatically scans barcode for the incoming battery, selecting and grading finished batteries according to some set rules. The user can set rules and numbers of levels for grading. Programming is proceed via data of battery manufacturing process. The formation management control system can automatically grade and upload grading results data according to data from former process. The grading machine can perfectly connect with the automatic logistics equipment and process equipment.

 Test items

1. Conditional classification of open circuit voltage of battery.

2. Conditional classification of battery discharging capacity.

3. Conditional classification of K value of battery.

4. Conditional classification of battery platform capacity.

5. Comprehensive classification of battery parameters.

6. Screening for elimination of NG defectives.

System characteristics

1. The failure rate is less than 0.01, Multi-position design can be realized, and multiple grades can be customized and developed according to customer requirements.

2. The scan code mechanism can automatically scan the barcode for battery tray and the QR code for single-cell battery. If the scan code fails, the alarm is immediately notified and manual processing is reminded.

Functional characteristics

1. Alternate options of segment: customize voltage,  AC internal resistance, DC internal resistance, K value, capacity, etc.

2. The jaws of grouping machine have the function of detecting the position of the battery clips, without battery catching, battery falling, etc. When an abnormal situation occurs, the equipment will automatically stop running and alarm, reminding the manual inspection processing.

3. The same type of products will be picked up by the equipment and placed on a new tray. The classification screen is reliable and easy. The automated machinery is selected to avoid human error.

Equipment parameters





Equipment power




Customized according to the actual nedds of custormers


Applicable power supply

AC 220V 3¢ 50Hz


Input and output materials

The tray automatically flows in. When finished, the empyt tran is automatically ejected


Alternate options of segment

Customize voltage, AC internal resistance, DC internal resistance, K value, capacity, etc

5V power supply cabinet 5V power supply cabinet

HYNN power battery testing system is mainly designed for power battery. Designed with high accuracy, high flexibility and high performance, it can meet all test requirements for battery with the range of 0-5V (Voltage), 20mA-30A-400A (Current).

Model:DECT0530A, DECT0560A, DECT05100A, DECT05200A, DECT05400A

High-temperature pressure forming equipment High-temperature pressure forming equipment

At present, a heating clamp is used to press the two sides of the battery during the production process of soft package batteries. The gas during the formation can be discharged into the airbag under the pressure, so that the electrolyte can be fully infiltrated and form a good SEI film during the formation of the battery cells.

Capacity-grading press equipment Capacity-grading press equipment

HYNN press machine can complete the once-off crimping test for the entire battery panel and improve production efficiency. After the test is completed, it can automatically cut off the work step process, upload the test data and connect with the front and back processes seamlessly to realize data interaction.

OCV test equipment for pouch battery OCV test equipment for pouch battery

HYNN OCV tester can automatically test for the open circuit voltage, AC internal resistance and shell cover insulation (the voltage between the positive electrode and shell) of the single cell in the battery tray. OCV testing is the essential process of battery manufacturing. Combining battery testing with battery tray for batch testing or single testing, it can reach to fast and reliable testing results. The production management and control system automatically calculates the K value according to the test data, and automatically completes the binding of the production data information, automatic saving and binding information. Data can be export through internet connection.

DCIR tester for pouch battery DCIR tester for pouch battery

Through the integration of PC computer, PLC and hardware, HYNN DCIR tester can accurately measure the DC internal resistance and open circuit voltage, realizing the perfect combination with the automation. The DCIR tester can not only test for the important parameters of battery measurement, but also fulfill the development of industrial automation and technology.